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"Determined Friends"
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Episode Summary: After Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai lose to Chaos, he uses one of his powers to make an unwilling Sakura go with him. But as he is about to go to another world, Sakura starts to cry and he says it is useless to travel with her until she changes her heart. While knocked out, Syaoran has a dream about his other self. He then wakes up and tells Kurogane and Fai that he thinks Sakura would be better to travelling with Chaos instead. Fai tells Syaoran that maybe for once he should try being selfish instead of doing what he thinks is best for Sakura. Kurogane calls Yūko and asks her to lend him Ginryū but she says it is not a request she can complete so instead he gives Syaoran his sword and Fai gives Syaoran a magic potion to heal his wounds. Mokona kisses everyone but Syaoran and tells him that he will get his kiss when he brings back Sakura.

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