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"The First Part"
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Episode Summary: The episode begins immediately after Kurogane has killed King Ashura, activating a curse placed upon Fai by Fei Wong Reed to trap them in Celes Country using Fai's own magic. Fai's remaining magic is insufficient to send them all to another dimension, so he tells Kurogane to leave him behind. Kurogane refuses, and cuts off his own arm in order to sacrifice the necessary magic. They arrive in Nihon Country, Kurogane's home world. Princess Tomoyo tells Kurogane that he has begun to understand the meaning of true strength. The hunter Fuuma arrives with an artificial arm for Kurogane from Yūko, paid for by Fai's remaining magic and Tomoyo's dreamseeing ability. Fellow hunter Seishirō arrives in search of the vampire twins Kamui and Subaru. Syaoran attacks Seishiro to reacquire the feather of Sakura's he was seen with in the Ōto arc. Syaoran seizes the feather and is transported into the world of dreams, where he meets Sakura, Watanuki Kimihiro, and the clone Syaoran, whom he prepares to fight.

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