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"The Boy's Right Eye"
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Episode Summary: It is revealed that the Syaoran that has been collecting the feathers so far is a clone and that the real Syaoran was the one trapped by Fei Wang Reed. The story continues as the awakened Syaoran travels towards his clone. The seal on the "heart" in the clone's right eye is broken, and Fai tries to restore it with his magic, but fails. Without the heart anymore the clone Syaoran's instincts (reasons why he was created) kick in, making him forget his own developing heart. Fai's left eye is eaten by the clone and battle breaks out between the real Syaoran and the clone. As the real Syaoran is about to strike the Clone, Sakura begs them to stop and because of this, the Clone stabs Syaoran, obtains the feather and gives it to Sakura. The Clone then leaves through a portal opened by his creator, Fei Wong Reed, ignoring Sakura's desperate pleas for him to stay. Later, Subaru, Kamui’s twin, wakes up from his coma.

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    OK now I’m beggining to understand what the revelation part of the tittle is all about

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