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"The Dream that the Princess Saw"
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Episode Summary: After the Clone left, the water has drained from the Municipal building and Fai is dying due to the loss of his eye that the clone ate. Subaru wishes to have the water restored, while Kurogane wishes to save Fai's life. Fai is fed with vampire blood and becomes a vampire, thus saving his life, and the water is restored. The price of the water, however, is that Sakura must seek out a treasure somewhere in Tokyo. In the process of searching, Sakura is injured while battling her way out. Her left eye is injured and left arm wrenched out, mirroring the injuries Syaoran had suffered. Later, she is saved on her way back by a mysterious girl (Sakura Kinomoto) and makes it back. The people of Tokyo Tower give their feather to the people of the building in exchange for letting them all live in the building. Yūko reveals that Fei Wong Reed is behind Sakura's lost feathers and their journey across the dimensions, informing them that he needs Sakura to have the memories of many dimensions imprinted upon her body. Sakura decides to find clone Syaoran, together with the others who, for their own personal reasons, start to travel into another dimension again, leaving the last feather behind to ward the water and the building to protect the people of Tokyo. [edit]

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