Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 19 English Subbed

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"The Day Before Goodbye"

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Episode Summary: As the exam approaches its final few days, Kenji gets to know his teammates better, which Hoshika musing that he didn't give Kenji a green card earlier in order to test his leadership skills. Meanwhile in Team A, as Mutta reveals they don't have any food left for tomorrow, he manages to gather some ingredients for making udon noodles. Remembering how he learnt it from Sharon along with Hibito, Mutta gets everyone to make udon together. Having not had anyone share his interest in space whilst he was in school, Mutta becomes pleasantly surprised when everyone else becomes surprised over how he knows Sharon, and they spend time talking about space together. The mood soon heavies when they are reminded they still need to choose two people to become astronauts.

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