Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 36 English Subbed

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"Dancing Astronaut"

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Episode Summary: As Serika visits her father's grave after hearing about her results, she recalls her childhood. Being a biologist who studied 'little universes', Rinpei Itou inspired Serika to want to be an astronaut. Rinpei soon became hospitalised with a paralyzing brain disorder, so he asked Serika to start a journal to tell him about her daily life. Rinpei's condition soon worsened, as his condition was revealed to be a rare disease. Reading up on Chiaki Mukai, who was an astronaut who developed cures aboard the ISS, Serika became determined to be the same so she could find a cure for Rinpei's condition. However, he died soon afterwards. Having learnt that she has passed her exams, Serika celebrates with a nostalgic ice pop.

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