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"Hibito's Choice"
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Episode Summary: Hoshika tells Mutta that Houston will be able to tell if Hibito moved if he fires his remaining flare. Meanwhile, Hibito, who has less than twenty minutes of oxygen left, decides to use his last flare as a makeshift fireplace to provide Damian with some necessary heat. Hibito eventually reaches the top of the crater and exposes Damian to the sunlight, but becomes stressed when he can't communicate with anyone. Meanwhile, Houston learns of their location, which was at the point Mutta predicted, and learn that Hibito has less than ten minutes of oxygen remaining. After making sure Damian is properly shaded, Hibito decides to take a walk on his own, preparing to walk into the ravine again so he can see the stars once more. Just then, he spots the flash he saw earlier and decides to investigate it, discovering it to be a small astronaut figure left behind by Brian.

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