Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 47 English Subbed

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"The First Promise"

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Episode Summary: Whilst Serika and Ena manage to find a place to live, Mutta becomes curious about something Murasaki allegedly mentioned to Kenji about the training during the flight. Deciding to ask Murasaki himself, he mentions how a few astronauts always seem to leave at some point during the training due to not being up to snuff. He goes on to explain the role of astronauts is akin to those of actors, stating he himself has never gotten the chance to 'stand on stage'. Later, the group go to the mission control center, where Mutta hears from Jennifer that Hibito probably won't be approved for any EVA operations for the duration of the mission. Afterwards, a party is held for all the trainee astronauts, where the group meet Amanti Patel from India, who has a hobby of reading people's fortunes. When asked to read Mutta's future, she has an unsteady feeling.

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