Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 59 English Subbed

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"Promise Sign"

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Episode Summary: Pico and Vince were pushed by their fathers and teachers to apply for their local technical college, which angered Rick, who felt betrayed by the others for giving up their dreams. Before they could make up with each other, Rick died in a car accident on the day Pico and Vince attended a career day for the mines. Distraught and angered by Rick's death, Pico and Vince reaffirmed their resolve to pursue careers as astronauts, as life is too short for unexciting things. Back in the present, Azuma and his group arrive at the moon base, where he reunites with Hibito, who thanks him for helping to save his life, whilst Mutta, Kenji and Nitta watch it on TV. As the day of the Comeback Competition arrives, Pico informs Mutta and Kenji that a rainfall the previous night could potentially cause huge problems with the sponge tires, the worst-case scenario given them only an hour to do something about it.

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