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Episode Summary: The Ushiromiya family gathers on Rokkenjima, a small island off the coast of Japan, for their annual family conference to discuss how the inheritance of the ailing family head, Kinzo, will be distributed among his children and their spouses. Battler, who has not attended the conference in six years, notices a new painting in the foyer of the mansion. He is told that it is a portrait of the "Golden Witch" Beatrice, who had supposedly given Kinzo all his wealth, and who Kinzo desires to see again. Battler, however, does not believe in witches or magic, and doubts she exists. A typhoon approaches the island, and Maria is left outside by her mother Rosa while searching for a wilted rose George had marked for her in the garden. When it begins to rain, Battler, Jessica, George, Kanon, and Rosa go outside to find Maria with an umbrella she did not have before, which Maria says Beatrice gave her.

4 Responses to “Umineko no Naku Koro ni Episode 1”

  1. Kvanfangirl

    Jan 9th, 2014

    Awesome Anime. c:

  2. Haroka

    Apr 1st, 2014

    wwaao. I Like it

  3. derphetalia

    Jun 18th, 2014

    Best anime i’ve ever seen. Watching it a second time~

  4. Chevy

    Jul 14th, 2016

    I feel that the mother cares less about childish games and more about getting the family gold. I think she gets very frustrating when dealing with the daughter. Quote: she is nine years old and is in fourth grade and is crying over stupid things like not finding a rose.

    What I want to know is you did they bring a child to the island

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