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"Rinroku Kaishou's Crime"
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Episode Summary: As Shinjuurou wonders where Bettenou has disappeared to, a hacking group known as Full Circle is spreading leaks of Rinroku's company and lifestyle. As Rinroku makes an appearance on television show along with various people from rival companies, an explosion occurs when he exits the room, hospitalizing everyone including Rinroku, whilst another Rinroku appears at Rie's house. As Rie asks Shinjuurou to prove Rinroku's innocence the next day, Inga comes face to face with Bettenou. After Shinjuurou hears about the second Rinroku from Rie, he deduces that this is the work of Bettenou and believes Rinroku to be the one using her. He gets help from a rookie Diet member to have the hospitalized Rinroku provide a testimony on the leaks.

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