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"Night of the Blizzard"
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Episode Summary: Alicia and Welkin undertake deep reconnaissance in territory held by the Imperials and are forced to take shelter in an abandoned cabin when a sudden mountain snowstorm comes. During the night, a single Imperial soldier enters the cabin and threatens use a live frag grenade to force them to surrender. Alicia, however, is able to convince the soldier to lower his weapon so she can treat his gunshot wounds. Meanwhile, everyone in Squad 7 feels worried that Alicia and Welkin have not returned from their mission. At the cabin, the wounded soldier explains that he joined the Imperial army to have a better life but grew disillusioned and was shot by his comrades while attempting to desert. Moved by Alicia's compassion, he re-inserts the safety pin in his grenade and before the soldier passes away, he tells them his name, Mikhail Weber. Alicia and Welkin reunite with Squad 7 after giving Mikhail a burial.

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