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"August Rain"
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Episode Summary: Welkin and Squad 7 pay their respects to Isara at her funeral. For her role in the Mulberry Coast victory, the Gallian military posthumously awards her the rank of Master Sergeant. Welkin orders Squad 7 to quickly move on and focus on dealing with the Imperials despite their grief. A distraught Ramal accuses Welkin of not caring about his sister's death. Rosie suffers from Survivor guilt in not being able to save Isara. General Damon demands that Welkin give him the details on making the smoke shells in three days or face punished. Alicia later discovers that the rest of Squad 7, angered at Damon's actions, plan to ambush him with a hidden hole in the ground to trap him. She is unable to convince them to desist and leaves to inform Welkin. Faldio manages to convince them otherwise, saying that the best way to humiliate people like Damon is keep winning battles and save Gallia. Faldio confronts Welkin about his refusal to deal with the death of Isara and Alicia's feelings, prompting Faldio to punch him.

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