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Episode Summary: Welkin and Alicia immerse themselves in their work in order to avoid the issue of their relationship. The rest of Squad 7 are aware of this, but are unable to do anything about it. Captain Varrot then informs Welkin that, in an effort to raise their morale, Squad 7 has been tasked with liberating Bruhl, the hometown of Welkin, Alicia and others in the squad. Zaka arrives at the base as the new driver for the Edelweiss. Meanwhile, as Welkin packs up Isara's belongings, he has flashbacks of his sister. After doing some research and piecing together clues he had witnessed earlier, Faldio is convinced that Alicia is a Valkyria. Squad 7 assaults Bruhl and quickly forces the Imperial garrison to surrender, liberating the town. Alicia finds Welkin at his old house, where he admits that Isara's death has been tearing him apart and he has been grieving since her death, yet he cannot find it in himself to cry. Alicia comforts Welkin by telling him he no longer needs to hold back his tears.

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