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"Prayer of the Edelweiss Dandelion"
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Episode Summary: Welkin, Isara, and Alicia manage to escape using the prototype tank Edelweiss, which was designed and built by Isara's biological father, a Darcsen engineer. They flee to Bruhl, with the Imperial forces in close pursuit. The Bruhl Townwatch has to delay the Imperials to allow the evacuation to proceed unhindered and hold out until the Regular Army arrives; however, they are handicapped by their lack of combat experience and poorly maintained equipment and suffer badly. In the Edelweiss, Welkin and Isara attack the invading Imperial troops and tanks to give the remaining Townwatch members the necessary time to escape from Bruhl as the Gallian Regular Army reaches the outskirts of Bruhl. However, even though they arrive in time to rescue the civilians, the Regular Army decides against retaking Bruhl from the superior Imperial force. Due to the capture of Bruhl by the Imperials, Alicia and her friend Susie Evans enlist in the Gallian Militia. Alicia is later surprised to find out that Welkin has also joined the Militia.

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  1. Walrus

    Jan 1st, 2014

    Weird, but interesting

  2. WTF

    May 11th, 2016

    Where is the part where they get shot in the face 20 times, then shoot the tank in the back with a pistol and blow it up?

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