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"Dearly Beloved"
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Episode Summary: Maximillian informs his generals that the Emperor intends to remove him from command of the invasion force within one month. Given the short timeline until his removal, Maximillian decides to mobilize all of his forces and force Gallia into a decisive battle at the Naggiar Plains. Meanwhile in Randgriz, Ramal tries to deal with Zaka replacing Isara, and finds comfort in Faldio's advice. Soon, the Gallians face Maximillian's onslaught, led by his massive personal tank, the Batomys. Favoring his Regular Army, Damon orders Squad 7 to play a support role and stay away from the front. Princess Cordelia soon arrives after the first battle with a Ragnite shield and lance in hand; her presence inspires raising morale among the Gallians. With their vigor renewed, the Gallians force the Imperials back. Maximillian orders Selvaria, armed with Ragnite weapons, to retaliate. She destroys the entire Gallian force on the front, including most of Squad 1. Faldio is the only survivor after Ramal sacrifices himself to save his commander. When Alicia tries to comfort the traumatized Faldio he shoots her in the back.

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