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"Ephemeral Bonds"
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Episode Summary: Led by Selvaria, the Imperials continue to press the attack, repeatedly destroying the Gallian forces and not even Squad 7 is able to stop her. Meanwhile, back in the camp, a desperate Faldio takes Princess Cordelia hostage and seizes her Ragnite shield and lance. He reveals the wounded Alicia's Valkyria ancestry to Cordelia and tries to wake Alicia, with limited success (according to his research into the Valkyria, one has to be near death to awaken the Valkyria within, explaining why he shot her). It is only when she hears Welkin's desperate call for retreat over the radio that Alicia begins to react. Taking Cordelia's shield and lance, Alicia faces Selvaria on the battlefield. She defeats Selvaria and begins attacking the Imperial forces, destroying the Batomys in the process. Caught off guard by the appearance of a Valkyria on the Gallian side, Jaeger orders all Imperial forces to retreat. Selvaria rescues Maximilian from the ruined Batomys and withdraws from the battle. As the Gallians celebrate their unexpected victory, Welkin catches Alicia as she falls unconscious.

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