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Episode Summary: Alicia and Selvaria meet for a final showdown. As they battle, they both recognize one other from the Imperial lab where they were held as children. Selvaria, being considered the most powerful, was kept at the lab while the rest of the orphans including Alicia were sent away to foster families. Selvaria managed to escape from the lab and was taken into the care of Maximilian. During the battle, Selvaria, fighting for Maximilian, begins to gain ground on Alicia. Nearly defeated, Alicia suddenly realizes that she has something precious to fight for as well: Squad 7 and Welkin. With her strength renewed, Alicia defeats Selvaria with one last strike. Selvaria understands that, defeated, she is of no use to Maximilian, and sacrifices herself to create a massive explosion, destroying the Gallian Regular Army and General Damon. Meanwhile, Maximilian attempts to negotiate a peace treaty with Cordelia, demanding that she marry him so that he has access to the Valkyrur bloodline, but Cordelia reveals that she is in fact a Darcsen. Shocked, Maximilian orders the Marmotah to attack Randgriz. Karl confronts Maximilian about his callousness towards the loss of Selvaria, but the prince shoots Karl dead, declaring no one will stand in his way.

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