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"The ones that should be protected"
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Episode Summary: The Gallian and Imperial forces battle each other in the streets of Randgriz. However, Maximllian is able to seize the Holy Lance of the Valkyrur, a massive Ragnite weapon which was hidden inside the structure of Randgriz Palace, and equip it as the main cannon of the Marmotah. After demonstrating the power of the lance by demolishing a hill, Maximlian calls on the Gallians to surrender or be destroyed. Jaeger confronts Maximilian about his lust for power, but Maximilian replies that power is the only thing one needs. He also tells Jaeger that he executed Karl for standing in his way, and threatens Jaeger with the same fate should he prove disloyal. Marmotah fires on Randgriz, but is stopped by Alicia, who survived the explosion at Ghirlandio. Seriously weakened from her battle with Selvaria, Alicia faints after blocking a second shot, and is captured by the Imperials. Jaeger declares he will no longer serve Maxmillian and is shot. Welkin, Faldio and Squad 7 storm the Marmotah in an effort to save Alicia.

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