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"The Birth of Squad Seven"
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Episode Summary: Welkin is promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and assigned as commander of Squad 7 with Alicia as his Sergeant and second in command, much to her dismay. They encounter Faldio Landzaat, an old college friend of Welkin's who has been appointed commander of Squad 1. Welkin introduces himself to Squad 7 but his new subordinates treat him with disdain as they believe, correctly, that he is naive and inexperienced. Squad 7 sets off for Vasel Bridge, which connects the main road to the capital city of Randgriz, and is under Imperials control. When certain members of Squad voice objections about the presence of Isara in the group because she is a Darcsen, Welkin makes a bet with them that if he and Squad 7 manages to retake the bridge in two days, they have to accept his command and Isara's continued presence. The following morning, using fog as cover, the Edelweiss dives into the river and reaches the other side in a surprise attack allowing Squad 7 to capture the bridge. After the battle, most of the Squad 7 have accepted Welkin with the exception of Rosie who adamantly refuses to acknowledge Isara.

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