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"Azure Witch"
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Episode Summary: With ulterior motives in mind, Imperial Central Command dispatches three junior officers to serve the Generals as aides. Karl Oswald, aide to Selvaria, finds his new commander intimidating and cold towards him. Meanwhile, Prince Maximilian is summoned back to the Imperial Capitol alone, much to Selvaria's chagrin. Sensing a plot behind Maximilian's recall and the three aides' sudden appearance, Jaeger suggests that Selvaria should act according to her instincts. However, Selvaria's initial attempt to go after the Prince is thwarted by Karl's insistence on following regulations. An assassin from the Capital attempts to murder Karl, who has succeeded in his mission of keeping Selvaria from Maximillian. Selvaria dispatches the assassin and Karl, in gratitude, confesses his secret orders to her. He proceeds to redeem himself by driving Selvaria and Jaeger to catch up with the Prince, where he subsequently witnesses Selvaria in action against assassins sent against Maximilian, and also discovers the reason behind her nickname, the "Azure Witch". Maximilian survives the attack unharmed, much to his older brother, the Crown Prince's consternation. Karl is relieved that Selvaria accepts him as her aide.

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