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"The Princess of Darkness"
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Episode Summary: Zero remembers telling his twin brother, Ichiru Kiryu to flee after Shizuka’s attack. Maria attempts to meet Yuki, and Zero tells Yuki to avoid her. Zero begins to tutor Yuki to help her with her exams, and Zero reveals that Yuki is the only reason he is alive. Maria talks with Kaname, who claims that he knows that she is not Maria. Zero attempts to fight Maria, but is unable to attack her. Kaname erases Yuki's memory of the incident, and Maria has her servant take Zero away. The following day, Yagari confides to Kaien that Kaname's kindness to Yuki is strange, and Kaien comments that Kaname told him to admit Maria and allow him to handle her. Maria unlocks Yuki's memory of Zero's fight, and offers to save Zero from becoming a Level E if she helps her. Meanwhile, Zero recalls that he and Ichiru saw Shizuka before her attack, and that after the attack, Ichiru was standing next to Shizuka smiling. Zero awakens and greets Shizuka's servant, realizing that Ichiru is one of them.

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