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"(FINAL) Crimson Chains"
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Episode Summary: As Ichiru is crying at her side, Shizuka tells him about her past engagement to a pureblood vampire. However, she fell in love with a human and turned him into a vampire. He was executed by Ichiru's parents because Shizuka's fiancé had changed the list of vampires to be executed by the Hunter's Association. Ichiru leaves with Shizuka's body and when he meets Zero, he relates the hatred he feels for him. Zero collapses shortly afterwards due to his blood thirst. Akatuski arrives and tells Kaname that he believes that Zero killed Shizuka. The following day, Yuki asks Kaien about Zero's condition, and later confides her guilt about Zero's pain to Kaname. Kaname goes to Zero's room and forces Zero to drink his blood to alleviate his madness, claiming that keeping him alive is for Yuki's sake.

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  1. zaiya

    Mar 6th, 2014


  2. Sara

    Mar 20th, 2014

    Oh my god I love this Ahhhhhh!!!!! But I kinda hate the end of Vampire Knight Guilty ;( I love this series Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I’d give this a 20 stars/thumbs up :> well I love the series and I would say they should keep continuing this as a anime movie PLEASE. So all I have to say is watch this series cause it’s so damn frickin AWESOME ;}

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