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"The Fang of Repentance"
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Episode Summary: Zero and Yuki are assigned to inspect the Night and Day Class dorms for any banned items. Yuki discovers Zero has blood tablets, normally taken by the Night Class students to quench their thirst for blood. Zero flees to the nearby town. Following Zero, Yuki encounters a young boy who leads her deeper into the town. Revealing that he is a vampire, the boy bites Yuki on the hand, and she is attacked by another vampire. Both of the vampires are dispatched by Zero and Kaname, who reveals that they are Level E vampires, degenerate vampires consumed by their thirst for blood. At the school, Yuki finds Zero in a corridor, where he loses control at the scent of her blood and bites her, revealing that he is a vampire.

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    I really love this show but it keeps breaking down on Me.

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    i love it

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    :o this is the one i missed on abc3. Soo coooool

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