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"The Sinners of Fate ~Guilty~"
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Episode Summary: While separating the Day Class students from the Night Class students to allow them to go to class, Yuuki accidentally calls Zero Kaname, which disappoints him. That evening, Maria awakens and tells Zero that Shizuka was seeking the pureblood vampire who changed the execution list of the Hunter's Association that resulted in the death of her lover. Yuuki is attacked by vampires sent by the Vampire Council to execute Zero for killing Shizuka, and Zero saves her. Before the remaining vampires can attack, the Night Class students appear, and Kaname orders the Council assassins to leave. When Kaname insinuates that Zero was the one who killed Shizuka, Yuuki claims that she will not speak to him until he admits Zero is innocent. Later, Zero dreams about Shizuka, and awakens calling Yuuki's name. When Yuuki comes to comfort him, he nearly kisses her, but stops.

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