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"Prelude to the Battle"
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Episode Summary: Yuuki sees the sun for the first time as a vampire, and returns to her room with Hanabusa. Yagari confronts the vampire hunters sent to take Zero, and demands that the Association president come. Kaien and Yagari gather the Day Class students to evacuate them, and many are attacked by Rido's vampire servants. The Night Class students dispatch them, and when Yori is attacked by one of Rido's servants, Yuuki attempts to defend her. However, her anti-vampire staff, Artemis, rejects her, and Hanabusa kills the vampires. When Yuuki tells Yori she is a vampire, Yori accepts this, telling Yuuki that she is her friend. Yuuki returns to Shizuka's room, in which some of her feelings and thoughts still linger, and dreams of Shizuka expressing to Yuuki her love for Ichiru. She is awakened by Kaname, and asks to stay to defend her friends. Kaname refuses, claiming that he had spent ten years protecting Yuuki, and asks her to stay in the room. After Kaname leaves, Yuuki convinces Hanabusa to allow her to leave and takes a gun from her Day Class Dorm room. As Zero sits in silence, Kaname arrives, claiming that Zero is the "knight" he has prepared for the past four years to kill Rido. He reveals that Zero has been strengthened by drinking the blood of three purebloods – Yuuki, Kaname, and Shizuka – and is the stronger twin child of a vampire hunter. When Zero tells Kaname to kill Rido, Kaname reveals that Rido will hunt Yuuki, and claims that Zero will never betray Yuuki.

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