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"Spiraling Recollections"
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Episode Summary: Kaname leaves with Yuuki, who recalls that her father, Haruka Kuran, died fighting Rido, and that her mother, Juri Kuran, sacrificed herself to seal Yuuki's memories and transform her into a human. Kaname meets Akatsuki and Hanabusa, and reveals that Yuuki is his sister and his fiancée. Upon awakening, Yuuki drinks Kaname's blood, and sees the scene that had tormented Zero after he drank Kaname's blood. She is saddened that Juri and Haruka sacrificed themselves to save her, and begins to cry. Yuuki realizes that her parents were siblings, and Kaname reveals that they are engaged. Kaname orders the Night Class students to keep the Day Class students in their dorms. Meanwhile, Rima battles Shiki, and is seriously injured; however, she pleas to Shiki to regain control, and Rido is unable to move Shiki's body. Yuuki decides to talk to Zero, and despite Akatsuki's and Hanabusa's pleas, goes to the Day Class dorms. When Yuuki arrives at the door to Zero's room, she senses that Zero has pointed Bloody Rose at her.

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  1. crnr


    Dec 19th, 2012

    WTF !!!!!! I did not see that coming

    I never thought she can be a vampire even a pureblood of all

  2. TMI

    Feb 22nd, 2014

    They should put more seasons!!!! T_T

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