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"Moment of Resonance"

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Episode Summary: As Kenjirou instructs Akane and Aoi to undergo 'docking', Aoi receives her own Operation Key, allowing her to also transform using the Vivid System. Receiving weapons to go along with their new abilities, Akane and Aoi begin fighting against the Alone whilst protecting the innocent. Meanwhile, Kenjirou contacts the head of the Manifestation Engine's management bureau, Yuuri Shijō, in order to gain military support in assisting the girls in fighting the Alone. After knocking out the Alone's core, stopping its movement, Akane and Aoi attempt the Docking Operation, but it fails due to Aoi subconsciously rejecting the fusion in fear of having Akane read her memory. As Aoi worries about this, she thinks back to when she first became friends with Akane, who gave her a tomato on their first meeting. Meanwhile, a mysterious girl fires a glowing arrow into the Alone, bringing it back to life and changing it into a more powerful form. As the girls find their attacks ineffective against the Alone's new form, Aoi confesses to Akane that she actually hates tomatoes, which she didn't want her to learn through the docking. Akane tells her that she already knew about that, but admired her perseverance to eat them regardless and assures her they are best friends. Reconfirming their friendship, Akane and Aoi perform the Docking Operation, fusing together to become Vivid Blue and combining their strengths to destroy the Alone. The next day, as Akane, Aoi and Momo discover their school has been obliterated as a result of the battle, Mizuha Amagi, an officer for the National Defense Force, informs them they are being transferred to a new school.

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  1. kyoui

    Jan 18th, 2013

    lol that school has been wiped out…

  2. manny

    Feb 5th, 2013

    shocked when they find out they have to transfer schools lol but good anime but kinda awkward on the whole docking thing if and how the chars got theyre power if you think about it lol maybe the guy didnt choose certain people? only second episode sooo

  3. temiauara

    Mar 16th, 2013

    when they combine. . . they look like hatsune miku don u think?

  4. mikunazmi

    Feb 10th, 2014

    hmmm maybe

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