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"True Strength"

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Episode Summary: Akane, Aoi and Momo begin their first day to New Oshima Academy. En route to school, Akane's bike breaks down, forcing her to use the Vivid System in an effort to arrive on time. She ends up meeting kendo club member Wakaba Saegusa, who becomes shocked when Akane counters her sudden attack. After Akane and Aoi officially transfer into Wakaba's class, Wakaba chases after Akane demanding a rematch until she ends up bumping into Momo, deciding to take her to the nurse's office. As Wakaba and Momo get acquainted, Akane overhears how Wakaba wanted a rematch to prove she's the strongest. After her father tells her to consider what 'true strength' is, Wakaba formally challenges Akane to a serious kendo match, which reminds Wakaba of how fun kendo used to be for her. Just then, their match is interrupted by the appearance of a serpent-like Alone (Dragon). As Wakaba comes to realise what true strength is from watching Akane and Aoi fight, she asks to fight alongside them, granting her her own Operation Key. As the mysterious girl powers up the Alone again, Akane and Wakaba dock to become Vivid Green and defeat the Alone.

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  1. Li

    Jan 25th, 2013

    So is there a law where girls under the age of 20 has to wear skin tight shorts where ever they go?

  2. BitNdragon

    Jan 25th, 2013

    probably that would only make sense, after all they are the only ones that could become magical girls in-case of emergency alien/monster attacks

  3. kyoui

    Jan 25th, 2013


    It’s part of their uniform…
    well i don’t why their uniform is tight shorts..

  4. Taylor

    Feb 16th, 2013

    well that escalated quickly

  5. haseoyashimora01

    Jun 5th, 2013

    LMFAO gurren lagann glasses xD

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