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"Another Key"
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Episode Summary: Akane tries to get to know her quiet classmate, Rei Kuroki, unaware that she is the one assisting the Alone. As Akane decides to follow Rei after school, she sees her save a child from a falling piece of construction. As Rei returns home, she is visited by a crow, who punishes her for saving the child via a mark on her neck, reminding her of her mission. That night, Rei goes on a mission to destroy the Manifestation Engine by herself, but is forced to abort when she is discovered by patrol robots. The next morning, Akane finds her washed up on the shore and takes her back to her place to help her recover. As Rei panics when she realises she has dropped a key precious to her, Akane is called into action as an Alone (Box) appears. Meanwhile Rei, who was promised by the crow that she would able restore the world she came from and bring back her parents if she assisted the Alone, prepares to fire another arrow, but falls unconscious before she can. Returned to Akane's place again, Rei feels relieved when she is reunited with her key, which Akane and her friends helped search for, although she declines Akane's offer of being friends. Afterwards, Akane goes to the hospital to visit her mother, Mashiro, who assures her that Rei will open up to her someday.

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  1. Syamsterz

    Feb 8th, 2013

    May i noe y is this a different anime instead of VRO?

  2. BitNdragon

    Feb 8th, 2013

    just use the second link it worked fine for me, but lol yeah the first one is episode 16 of Pycho Pass instead

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    Feb 8th, 2013

    this is not vividred ep05 mp4 file …. please fix the ddl link

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    Feb 8th, 2013

    i was so hopefull -___- come on fix it

  5. olympus

    Feb 8th, 2013

    lol really so many misplaced animes, and the sound for Psyco is still off.

  6. weweq

    Feb 14th, 2013

    momo so cute :D

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