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"Unrelenting Wish"

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Episode Summary: After defeating an Alone (Lantern), Akane continues to struggle with her studies due to a lack of sleep, Mizuha tells her that she'll need to do well on her next test or otherwise give up her part-time job. Upon deciding to help her out with a study session, Aoi, Wakaba and Himawari try to get Rei to join them, but she keeps refusing. Later that night, after receiving another harsh reminder of her objective from the crow, Rei learns about Akane's link with the Manifestation Engine's inventor. Learning this, Rei decides to accompany the others on their study session with Akane. Whilst investigating her home to find something of use, Rei comes across the fridge where Kenjirou's body is being preserved, though the gang are quick to cover this up. As Rei learns to grow accustomed to the others, she takes her leave when she is reminded of a certain wish. Just then, an electro-magnetic Alone (Pincushion) appears over Tokyo, shorting out every electrical device it passes by. Akane manages to destroy most of it with Vivid Yellow, but a fragment is hit by one of Rei's arrows, causing it to change its form drastically (transforming into Cocoon) and launch an attack at Akane, shorting out her Pallet Suit and sending her plummeting.

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