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"Sunny with some Fluffiness"

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Episode Summary: Wakaba decides to take Himawari shopping with her, putting her in a cute dress that starts attracting a lot of attention. When they are approached by a photographer wanting to photograph Himawari for a fashion magazine, Wakaba pushes her to give it a try, despite her lack of interest. When the photos get some good feedback, with the editors wanting her to go pro, Himawari gets upset at Wakaba when she books a shoot for a day when she promised to take her to see a factory. Himawari decides to attend the photo shoot on the condition that Wakaba be her servant for the day. However, she becomes panicked when she learns that the photographers changed her hairpins that Wakaba gave her whilst she was sleeping and starts searching the ocean for them. Thankfully, Wakaba had kept them safe for her and manages to return them to her. Just then, they are called in to fight an Alone (Seahorse) planning to charge into the Manifestation Engine from outside the Earth's atmosphere. Working together, Wakaba and Himawari manage to hold off the Alone's attacks so Akane and Aoi can attack it with Vivid Blue. After the battle, Himawari makes plans to have Wakaba hang out with her for a whole day whilst Rei, who was unable to power up the Alone in time, becomes more desperate.

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