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"Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Change My Image a Bit"
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Episode Summary: Tomoko Kuroki believes she'd be popular upon entering high school, having spent countless hours playing otome games. However, two months has passed since she started high school and she hasn't so much as made a single friend, let alone get a boyfriend. After taking a good look in the mirror, she realizes she is not the popular girl she thought herself to be. Wanting to change, Tomoko comes to her brother, Tomoki, to try and learn how to have a conversation with a guy, which he does not appreciate one bit. The next day, Tomoko tries doing some 'high school girl' activities such as reading in a book shop and eating at a burger joint, though it does little to raise her esteem.

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    :D love it

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    That is a long ass title for an anime. lol

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    xD new favorite.

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    that last one killed her, funny anime :D

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    haha what a nerdy tomboy, who goes duckface these days? This is good im gonna keep watching it

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    aw poor thing lol

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    bitch your beautiful in your own way , why cant you see ;(

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    kewl :)

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    theres english class in japan? lol

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    I find Tomoko cute the way she is, without the need to change herself.

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    dl :)

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    watamote! :)

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    im human let me downloud!

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    I heard good word of this anime soooooooo

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    wow so many comments…. gonna love wtachin this!

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    awesome :3

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    luv it

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    Awww nooo hahaha please don’t do the duck face! She’s so cute the way she is >.<

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    I get dat Death Note reference at 10:37

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