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"Welcome to the Winter Day!"

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Episode Summary: Problems with the health of Kaoru's father heralds his return home to the farm where the family has planned his life through to his death. This now means the game project to be presented at the Winter Comiket, otherwise known as FuyuComi, has to be sped up as Kaoru will soon leave Tokyo for good. As reference for a female reaction, Kaoru gets Tatsuhiro to secretly videotape Kaoru's embarrassing confession to Nanako, his love interest, revealing his full otaku ways.

8 Responses to “Welcome to the NHK Episode 20”

  1. AtribecalledQ

    Feb 11th, 2013

    While i like this show it is pretty depressing and sad at times. He has balls to do that really, but he shouldent have even if he did have to leave. Theres always hope for things to work out

  2. Photophreak

    Jul 4th, 2013

    Yamazaki is clever, but at the same time a bit of a dunce. It definitely seems like it’s either one extreme or the other. For the most part I know some people who are like this, so the characters are somewhat relatable.

  3. greenboxer


    Sep 3rd, 2013

    hmm hmm sure indeed!

  4. Infanite

    Jan 1st, 2014

    My friend recommened this anime to me long ago and i remeber him warning me that near the end it gets pretty dark, im guessing this is when it starts to get dark.

  5. exusiazero

    Jan 11th, 2014

    good anime

  6. Yoggie

    Apr 7th, 2014

    A friend of mine is recommended this anime… I like it…

  7. Yoggie

    Apr 7th, 2014

    got ddl link problem… any help?

  8. Kumogani


    Jan 2nd, 2015


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