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"Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 1)"

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Episode Summary: The Workshop Witches are in crisis mode as Ayaka and Honoka emerge to find themselves in a broken city. Without Kazane's powers, the Workshop Witches in the city are unable to use any magic and no outside help will arrive in time. To make matters worse, Weekend captures a group of Workshop Witches and straps magical bombs to them, demanding that they hand over Honoka in 30 minutes or she will detonate her hostages one by one. While Rinon and Atori try to defuse the situation, Ayaka takes Honoka down to the core of the city to renew the contract using Honoka's latent powers. At the very last second, Honoka completes the contract, allowing the Workshop Witches to rescue the hostages and capture Weekend. However, after being thrown in a magic-nullifying cell, Weekend reveals that she let herself be captured so she could destroy the Workshop from within, which she does with more hidden bombs. Honoka uses his new powers to revive the wounded witches, but Ayaka knocks him out before the strain kills him.

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  1. Ragingfox


    Mar 9th, 2014

    Trollvid servers seem to be down, I have it all encoded but can’t upload it >_>

  2. GDI

    Mar 10th, 2014

    just use idm it works for me all the time. :D

  3. animeloversp

    Mar 10th, 2014

    yes, servers are still down, but thanks for the good work RF

  4. Kai

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Takamiya is one of the biggest bitches in anime.

  5. MudKipz/Mudkip

    Mar 10th, 2014

    Cyber12.com is a good website for downloading anime episodes subbed, if you can find a good link on it, you can put it for download on the website :3

  6. Elstender


    Mar 11th, 2014

    Takamiya is a badass in my opinion, He agreed sacrificing his eyes likes its nothing to him…

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