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"Takamiya-kun and the Weekend (Part 2)"

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Episode Summary: As Ayaka lays Honoka to rest in what remains of his home, Honoka views several of Kazane's memories. Honoka then gets word from the science teacher Mikage that they are in an alternate reality created by the city due to the contract Honoka just made, and takes him down to a shelter where the residents of the city are stuck in suspended animation until they can be safely revived. Suddenly, one of Weekend's underlings attacks Honoka at the shelter. Meanwhile, Ayaka heads off to fight Weekend herself at a church. However, Weekend uses several bombs she planted around the church to drain Ayaka's power, then captures her using giant monster golems, revealing that she planted the bombs in the city months ago as part of her plan. Back at Honoka's house, Mikage ends up reviving Honoka while Atori is attending to him. Mikage then delivers a message that Weekend plans to destroy the shelter unless Honoka is delivered to her in 30 minutes. Honoka and Atori race to the scene of a large explosion to find a drained Ayaka, and Honoka gives her some more power to defeat Weekend before she can destroy the shelter. However, Weekend reveals that she already set off her bomb.

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