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"Takamiya-kun and Chronoire’s Trap"
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Episode Summary: After another quick encounter with Tanpopo's "KMM Gang," Ayaka begins training Honoka on how to use his own latent witch powers, including the ability to hide in plain sight and fly on a broomstick. After flying around the town, he uses his powers to intervene and save a little girl from bullies, until Honoka himself has to be rescued by Ayaka again. Later, as the two of them ride the school bus, they find themselves in the trap of a powerful Tower witch named Chronoire Schwarz VI. She subdues Ayaka by injuring Honoka and using his latent powers of transferring all his damage to her, then gives him a candy that she predicts he will swallow in the future. Ayaka manages to wake up in time and force Chronoire to retreat, but Honoka keeps the candy.

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