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"Takamiya-kun and the Mean Little Sister"
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Episode Summary: A powerful Tower witch named Medusa is shown slowly cracking open her supposedly unbreakable prison. Elsewhere, Honoka's sister, Kasumi Takamiya, starts getting jealous of her brother spending more time away from home with Ayaka. While the KMM Gang attempts another plan to kidnap Honoka by splitting him from Ayaka, Kasumi intervenes on her brother's behalf, using a giant teddy bear to fight the giant tin soldier rabbit that Tanpopo summons to fight her. However, the bear grows so large that its attacks destroy a significant portion of the town (while leaving the people unharmed). Afterwards, Ayaka returns having quickly beaten the Tower witches, promising to watch over Honoka 24/7.

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  1. ScarletKnight


    Jan 26th, 2014

    Sisters sure are scary O~O

  2. rissle

    Jan 26th, 2014

    wheres the download link

  3. kaapkolonie

    Jan 26th, 2014

    i dont get where this series is going anymore its total madness. i do like that they keep adding girls to the show do

  4. KingZ


    Jan 27th, 2014

    cant wait for next ep

  5. AhegaoKid

    Jan 28th, 2014

    is it just me or this anime is sooo random >.< well its still early nyahaha i like the ED though and tanpopo xD

  6. Diemos

    Feb 18th, 2014

    What an adorable way to destroy an entire city

  7. klamens

    Jun 20th, 2014

    they can party

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