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"Takamiya-kun and the Witch of Stone Eyes and Stone Hands"
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Episode Summary: Ayaka comes home with Honoka to ask his mother if he can stay over at her house from now on. Despite her daughter's loud objections, Komachi Takamiya agrees, revealing that she actually had an agreement with Kazane in the past that, because they couldn't get married to each other, their future children would be married to each other instead. Upon arriving at Ayaka's incredibly luxurious mansion, Ayaka and Honoka find themselves face-to-face with the escaped Medusa. Ayaka tries to fight her, but Medusa uses magic to turn her into stone. With no other options left, Honoka swallows the candy that Chronoire gave him before, drawing out the White Princess, Evermillion. Evermillion uses her power to beat back Medusa, which ends up destroying most of the mansion and a large part of the school as well, angering Kazane enough to call for a Tower witch-hunt. Evermillion then reveals that all Honoka had to do was kiss Ayaka with love to wake her up, which he does. Ayaka then uses her powers to defeat Medusa and the KMM Gang (again). Later, before Chronoire can launch her evil plan, Kazane captures and then tortures her for information.

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    dafaq FIANCEE ????? for real ????

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