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"City of Howls"

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Episode Summary: In Freeze City, Tsume and the group of thieves he leads find a white wolf lying under a tree. When they reach for it, it wakes up and kills two of the thiefs before Tsume draws it off. Once the wolf and Tsume are away from the humans, Tsume's true form is revealed for a moment: a gray wolf. He and the white wolf argue and end up fighting briefly. The smell of their blood causes Cheza to awaken in the laboratory where she is being studied. Later, the white wolf is shot by Quent Yaiden and stored in a cage at the police station. During his questioning by Detective Hubb Lebowski, Quent claims the "dog" he shot was a wolf, even though they are supposed to have been extinct for 200 years. Hubb has Cher look at it and she asks him to have it brought to her lab. After they leave, a brown wolf named Hige teases the white wolf about being caught and caged, but the white wolf says he just wanted a long rest. After they escape the police station, with the white wolf now using human form as well, Hige asks him where he is going. The white replies "Paradise", before introducing himself as Kiba.

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