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"A Dream of an Oasis"

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Episode Summary: Hige, Tsume, and Toboe consider giving up the search for Kiba and for Paradise when Toboe finds Quent lying half-frozen in the snow. As Hige and Tsume leave to search for Kiba, Toboe stays and lays down beside Quent to warm him up. In his sleep, Quent thinks he is holding Blue. After leaving Quent, Toboe is attacked by Iyek, a member of the Hmong tribe. Hige and Tsume hear him howl and rush back to help. When Iyek realizes they are wolves, he apologizes and leads them to his village. The Hmong tribe consider wolves their friends and are on edge because Jaguara's troops have been attacking their tribe's dogs. In the morning the decide to search for Kiba at the Desert's Bones, a place people are rumored to find eternal happiness and never return. As they prepare to leave, Toboe decides he wants to stay in the village with Iyek and his people.

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