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"Dry-eyed Toboe"

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Episode Summary: A young tan wolf meets Leara, a girl who feeds him some sausages. He catches up to her and assumes his human form to introduce himself to her as Toboe. After leaving her, he runs into Tsume, but both are found by Quent and his dog Blue. Tsume helps Toboe get away, but chases him off when Toboe wants to stay with him. Toboe later spots Leara's falcon and tries to catch it for her, but accidentally kills it. When he realizes what he does, he gets so upset he sits and howls, revealing his true form. Tsume runs by and drags him off as Leara watches in shock. Meanwhile, Kiba and Hige get themselves arrested so they can get back into the building Kiba was taken to earlier, as it is also where Cheza is at. Cher tells Hubb that they are dealing with three dogs and both wonder if the "dogs" are actually wolves. That night, feeling like something is going to happen, Kiba and Hige break out of their cell and run towards the lab. When the power goes out, Cher runs to check on Cheza and is found there by Darcia who removes his mask to reveal a wolf's eye that knocks her unconscious. Kiba and Hige arrive at the lab in time to see Darcia carrying Cheza out of the building.

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