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"Battle's Red Glare"

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Episode Summary: The wolves reach a decayed, domed city where Orkham's search team from Freeze City are battling by Jaguara's troops. They join in to attack the soldiers, and end up saving the Commander from certain death, showing their true form in the process. Recognizing him from before, the wolves ask if he knows where Cheza is. He confirms the black armored troops are Jaguara's and tells that Cheza would probably have been taken to Jaguara's keep. He tells them how to get there, then he and his men chase down the troops that escaped. In a land convoy, Cheza and Blue are caged side-by-side in one truck, while Cher and Hubb are tied up in another truck. A bump knocks the pair to the floor and Hubb is able to use his teeth to bite through Cher's restraints just as the transport is attacked by the Commander and his men. Cher and Hubb find Cheza and Blue in the convoy. As the four try to escape, one of Jaguara's soldiers grabs Cheza. Blue and Cher fight him off while Hubb grabs Cheza and tries to carry her to safety. A beam of light transports them both to Jaguara's airship and they are recaptured, while Cher and Blue are left to face a dozen of Jaguara's troops. They are saved by the Commander and his men, who tells Cher about meeting the wolves. He also lets them have a vehicle so they can drive to Jaguara's keep, before he and his men decide to return to Freeze City to try to free their home from Jaguara.

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