Wolf’s Rain Episode 25 English Subbed

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"False Memories"

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Episode Summary: Hige becomes aware of the tracker in his collar and tells Blue to take it off. Then, they're again attacked by soldiers, but manage to flee. Kiba goes all the way to where Cheza is and is relieved to find her. However, Jaguara traps him, ties him to a table and moves Cheza. Cher meets a mysterious disguised character, who leads her into the castle. Lady Jaguara wants to conclude her plan by using Kiba's blood for a moonlight reactor. Cheza sings her song because Kiba asks her to, and Tsume and Toboe, who are both in jail, hear her and double their efforts to break out. Hige wants to go and save Cheza, but promises Blue to stay so then he'll definitely try to return. Cher and the disguised man enter the room where Lady Jaguara was celebrating, and everyone drops to the floor until it's only Jaguara, the man and Cher left standing.

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