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"Gunshot of Remorse"

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Episode Summary: Cheza and Hubb successfully perform CPR on the wounded Quent, who has gone into shock from internal bleeding. Hige mentions that only Quent's intense hatred of wolves has kept him motivated to live up to this moment. After Quent's condition stabilizes, Blue entrusts her master to Toboe in case something happens to her. The car breaks down, and the companions continue the journey on foot. When Quent awakens, unable to put aside his hatred of the wolves he tells Blue "You're not my dog anymore" and staggers away. Blue, shattered, embraces Hige and says "If I can be with you when the world ends, it'll be enough for me", and the two of them leave the pack. It is revealed from Quent's flashbacks that Darcia was one of the wolves hiding in Kyrios when it was destroyed by Lady Jaguara's forces, and Darcia himself appears before Quent and Toboe (after destroying what remains of Jaguara's keep with the weapons of his airship). After Darcia declares them unfit to enter Paradise, Darcia and Quent open fire on each other, but Toboe leaps into the line of fire. Quent kneels over Toboe's dying body, filled with horror at what he as done, and the episode ends with Darcia pulling the trigger on Quent.

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