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"Bad Fellow"

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Episode Summary: Darcia knows Kiba and Hige are wolves despite their illusions, and greets them before taking Cheza away in his airship. Quent shows Hubb the claw marks from his earlier run in with Tsume and Toboe, and tells him that the wolves are disguising themselves as humans now. He also mentions the Book of the Moon, which says that humans were created from wolves. Hubb later visits Cher at the hospital and asks her about the Book of the Moon, but she says its just a fairy tale. When Hubb tries to research the book in the police computers, he finds no information. One of his fellow officers tells him they had cornered the leader of the gang of thieves, when Quent's dog attacked him and the fell off a walkway. However, the officers only saw a large gray "dog" run off and couldn't find the boy anywhere. Toboe, alone again after arguing with Tsume, meets Hige and Kiba. While in the sewers, Kiba finds Tsume's blood trail and follows it back to his lair. Toboe asks Tsume to join them in searching for Paradise. The police arrive in search of Tsume, but the four easily evade the men. They go to the city wall and jump down, heading into the wilderness. When Hubb and Quent go to where they landed, they find a trail of paw prints.

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