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"Wolf's Rain"

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Episode Summary: As the final battle begins, Darcia quickly gains the upper hand over Kiba, and tries to secure Cheza, but Blue intercepts him at the cost of her own life. Having mortally wounded Blue, Darcia snatches up Cheza in his jaws and attempts to reach the summit of the First Mountain, with Kiba in hot pursuit. Hige, his throat torn open while trying to defend Cheza, comforts the dying Blue before Tsume reaches them. Hige asks Tsume to perform a coup de grâce with his own fangs, and dies by Blue's side, telling Tsume they will meet in Paradise. Kiba, Tsume, and Darcia battle near the summit, while the wounded Cheza wanders towards the crater at its center. Tsume's left side is badly ripped during his fight with Darcia, but he angrily rejects Kiba's help, demanding that Kiba go after Darcia and stop him. As Kiba descends into the crater, Tsume echoes Hige's words that they will meet in Paradise, collapses, and dies. Darcia and Kiba battle again as Cheza begins to take root, her limbs lengthening and becoming more and more plant-like. Darcia defeats Kiba and uproots Cheza, but swallows some of her venomous blood in the process. Now poisoned, Darcia staggers towards the pool that is the entrance to Paradise, but is incinerated as he touches the water, leaving only his wolf eye intact. Kiba and Cheza tenderly reunite, but Cheza explains that the world must freeze over and go into hibernation for a time. However, when Paradise opens, the two of them will meet again, if Kiba comes to find her. Cheza disintegrates into seeds and withers away into a dried-up Lunar Flower as snow begins to fall. The opening scene from episode one is repeated, with Kiba lying in the snow saying there is nothing at the end of the road, no Paradise, yet he is still driven to look for it by a voice that calls him. He gets up and starts walking again, only to fall through the ice and, apparently, drown. The falling snow turns into a torrent of rain, which washes over the last blank pages of the Book of the Moon, revealing a portrait of Lunar Flowers. The rain sends Cheza's seeds into germination, and washes away the old world in a palingenesis that reveals a blooming Paradise (which Darcia's wolf eye begins to stain almost immediately). The next scene implies a change of setting to the present day, where Kiba, Tsume, Hige, and Toboe are seen in human form among a teeming city. Kiba, still searching for Cheza, is walking in the rain, then breaks into a run (which parallels the series opening animation) towards a lone Lunar Flower as the series ends. [edit]

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