Wolf’s Rain Episode 4 English Subbed

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"Scar of Wilderness"

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Episode Summary: The wolves find themselves driven into a cave by a blizzard. While they discuss not having eaten for three days, Hige smells the carcass of a deer-like animal. Tsume gets annoyed when the others start talking about Paradise and stomps off, with Toboe following to try to persuade him to return. They end up in the ruins of a city. As Toboe searches for Tsume, he accidentally activates an automated sentry mech. Tsume sees it targeting Toboe and rushes to save him, getting shot in the leg in the process. They run off, but the mech catches up and shoots the ground out from under them, sending them plummeting into a valley below. Kiba and Hige realize the place was a military installation and go to look for the other two. When the mech finds them again, Toboe tries to act as a decoy to give Tsume time to limp away, but it spots Tsume and corners him. As it is about to fire, Kiba attacks the mech and draws off its fire. He spears it with a slab of rock, but it continues firing as Kiba runs up a nearly vertical valley of snow. The mech's gunfire triggers an avalanche that buries it. Back in the city, Cher gives Hubb a key and asks him to water her plants while she's gone, as she is taking a leave of absence and wonders what the work she's been doing was for. When she leaves, she kisses him on the mouth which dazes him long enough for her to get outside and into a black car with some men and leave. When Hubb goes to her house, though, he doesn't find any plants at all. He spots the scarf poking out of her desk drawer and opens it to find that the scarf is wrapped around a copy of the Book of the Moon.

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