Wolf’s Rain Episode 5 English Subbed

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"Fallen Wolf"

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Episode Summary: The wolves reach an ocean and a long bridge that smells faintly of Lunar Flowers. At the end of the bridge, they reach a dying island city where they meet a pack of older wolves, led by a large, dark gray wolf named Zali and his mate Cole. The pack laughs when they hear the four wolves are going to Paradise, and claim to have been there but found no Paradise, only Hell. Tsume wants to leave but Kiba says something has to be there to have so many wolves there. In a graveyard, they find an old wolf digging his grave who tells them that lunar flowers used to bloom all over the island until they were dug up and taken away. He also shows them the entrance the wolves used to try to get to Paradise, a partially boarded up tunnel that reeks of death. Zali orders Kiba and the others to leave in the morning. That night, Kiba and Tsume argue over whether Paradise really exists, and they go off in separate directions, with Toboe following Tsume and Hige staying to eat some food Cole brought them. Kiba runs into Moss and some other members of Zali's pack who badly beat him after he calls them dogs. The next day, Hige finds Tsume and Toboe at the train station. When they look down on the lower level, they watch in horror as the wolves of Zali's pack are harnessed like dogs and used by humans to haul cargo. The old wolf they met earlier dies in his harness. Kiba arrives and is enraged at the sight before him. He runs up to the gangway to stop it but Zali holds him back. Zali's pack bury the old wolf in the hole he'd dug.

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