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"The Successors"

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Episode Summary: Toboe treats Kiba's wounds while Tsume sends Hige to look for food since he was the only one to eat. Zali remembers when he led a group of wolves through the tunnel to seek out Paradise, only to find the tunnel filled with toxic gases that killed most of them. Cole tries to convince him to try again since the machines on the island are dead and the gas gone, but Zali refuses to consider it. Tsume asks Kiba where he got the other wounds from, but instead of answering, Kiba tells him about seeing the Lunar Flowers when he was a cub. They were all burned in a fire that also killed all of Kiba's pack but himself, and he wonders why he alone lived. Caught in a trap set by the humans for stray dogs, Hige is knocked out by Moss so they will see him as a dog. Toboe sees it and runs to tell Tsume and Kiba. The three seek out Zali, who demands to know why Moss did it. However, Moss and two other wolves turn on him. Zali refuses to let Kiba and the others help him, and after the three finish beating him, Zali helps them rescue Hige and make their way into the tunnel. He refuses to go with them, though, saying that he is certain there are some wolves who can get into Paradise and some who can't and he is one of the ones who can't.

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